Frequently Asked Questions

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  • About Buildlinkapp

  • Account and Plans

    • Will my free plan expire?
    • Your free plan will not really expire, only if you renew your account every month by logging to (It's easy, and you don't need to pay). You may always use your free plan within the plan configuration. If your quota of the plan is going to use up, you may upgrade your plan at anytime.

    • What will happen to my account if my plan expires?
    • After your plan expires, your exceeding data (campaigns and link prospects) will be frozen and all later visits to these data will be temporarily forbidden (You can activate these data by renewing your plan). If you’re a premium plan user, your plan will be downgraded to free plan. All advanced features (e.g. backlink monitoring) which are only available in premium plans will be disabled too.

    • What can I do if my plan is about to expire?
    • If the auto-billing of your plan is valid and your paypal has enough money available, you don't have to do anything. We will charge you periodically, and your plan's expiry time will be extended automatically. If the auto-billing feature of your plan is terminated, please create a new order on your plan page to extend your plan's lifetime.

    • What is renewal cycle?
    • Premium plans have expiry time. Their expiry time is one month or year (according to the billing cycle you choose) after payment. These time spans are called renewal cycle. We will bill you when your plan is about to expire if you're premium user.

    • Can I upgrade my plan?
    • Yes, you can upgrade your free plan to premium plan or change your premium plan to any plan at your plan page after logged in.

    • What will happen after a plan change?
    • Your new plan's expiry time will be changed to one month or one year later. You can use features applicable to the new plan. You may ask a refund on the old plan's unused months (only applicable if you're upgrading your plan).

    • Can I downgrade my plan?
    • Yes, you can upgrade your free plan to premium plan or change your premium plan to any plan at your plan page after logged in.

    • Why my campaigns are frozen after I change my plan?
    • If the campaigns/link prospects quota of your new plan is smaller than the old plan's, the exceeding campaigns will be frozen. You may either upgrade your plan or buy more campaigns/link prospects quota to enable the frozen campaigns.

    • Can I cancel my account?
    • Yes, if you want to cancel your account, you may go to account page, click "Cancel my account" and confirm.

  • Campaign

    • How to add a campaign?
    • After logging in, click on Campaigns -> Add Campaign.

    • How to edit a campaign?
    • After logging in, click on Campaigns, find the campaign you want to edit, click on “edit” link.

    • How to archive a campaign?
    • After logging in, click on Campaigns, find the campaign you want to archive, choose "archive" in the status dropdown field.

    • How to unarchive a campaign?
    • After logging in, click on Campaigns, find the campaign you want to unarchive, choose "active" in the status dropdown filed.

    • How to delete a campaign?
    • After logging in, click on Campaigns, find the campaign you want to delete, click on delete link, confirm deleting.

  • Link Prospect

    • What is link prospect?
    • A link prospect is a backlink building target. Generally, a link prospect is a webpage on other website.

    • How to add a link prospect?
    • After logging in, user may add a link prospect directly by clicking on "Add Link Prospect" link and fill out the form manually.
      For better efficiency, we recommend using our browser extension to add a link prospect. You can easily install the extension on our browser extension page.

    • How to update a link prospect?
    • You may click on edit link in the link prospect list and make update to the link prospect. You may also update some attributes in the link prospect list view or in the browser extension panel.

    • Can workers in a campaign see the archived link prospects?
    • Workers in a campaigns cannot see the archived link prospects unless they're either a Admin or Campaign Manager to the campaign.

  • Timezone

    • What timezone is Buildlinkapp in?
    • Buildlinkapp uses UTC timezone by default, but user can set up his/her own timezone by clicking "setings" -> “timezone” link (only available after logged in).

  • Task

    • How to invite others to work with?
    • You may invite others to work together in your campaign. Inviting others is easy: after logging in, on the tasks page, click Create Task, enter task details, and enter a username (if the task assignee is registered user on Buildinkapp) or enter an email address (if the task assignee is new to Buildlinkapp), click Create Task. An invitation email will be sent to the assignee.
      On Professioinals Page, you can also easily invite users to your campaigns.

    • How to revoke privileges granted to the user in a task?
    • Tasks in and only in stage "Being worked on" are privileged task (means the task assignee has the privileges granted). If you're a Admin or Campaign Manager, and want to revoke the privileges from a task assignee, just change the task stage to any other stage. The privileges granted will be revoked.

  • Payment

    • What payment methods does Buildlinkapp accept?
    • For online methods, Buildlinkapp accepts Paypal, Credit card/debit card (processed via Paypal). For offline methods, Buildlinkapp accepts bank wire, West Union and xoom. You can contact us for beneficiary’s info if you want to use offline method to make the payment. If you want to pay via a method not listed here, please let us know.

      We encourage you to use online method. Because it’s instant, and you will be able to use Buildlinkapp’s service immediately after payment is done.

    • Can I terminate the auto-billing of my order?
    • Yes, you can go to "plan" page after you logged in, find the order you want to terminate auto-billing, click on terminate link, follow the instructions to terminate the auto-billing.

    • What should I do if I am having trouble with the payment?
    • Please let us know any problem you are encountering, we will try our best to solve it.

  • Refund

    • Is my payment to Buildlinkapp refundable?
    • Yes, under either of the following two conditions, your payment is refundable:
      1. your first-time-pay money is full-amount refundable within 7 days after payment.
      2. If you change your plan, you can ask a refund on unused months of the old plan.