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We use 18 link stages to indicate the progress of the link building for link prospects, they are:

  • New:
    The link prospect is just added, and is ready for being claimed for reviewing.
  • LPs under Review:
    A Link Prospect Approver claimed the link prospect's reviewing job, and is reviewing the link prospect.
  • Abandoned LPs:
    A Link Prospect Approver abandoned the link prospect, means that the link prospect is not suitable for link building.
  • Approved LPs:
    The link prospect is approved by Link Prospect Approver for link building.
  • Reaching out:
    A Content Submitter claimed the outreaching job, and is working on getting the privilege (contacting website owner, signing up account, etc.) to publish content on the link prospect.
  • Publication Qualified:
    The Content Submitter successfully got content publishing privilege on the link prospect.
  • Writing Content:
    A Content Writer claimed the content writing job for the link prospect and is writing the content.
  • Content Done:
    The content is done.
  • Content under Review:
    A Content Approver claimed the content reviewing job, and is reviewing the content.
  • Content Revising:
    The Content Approver requested Content Writer to revise the content.
  • Approved Content:
    The content is approved by Content Approver.
  • Publishing:
    A Content Submitter claimed the content submitting job, and is submitting the content.
  • Under Moderation:
    The content that the Content Submitter submitted is under review by webmaster/owner.
  • Declined:
    The content submitted is declined by the webmaster/owner.
  • Published:
    Content Submitter finds that the content submitted is published.
  • Verifying Publication:
    A Publication Verifier claimed the content publication verifying job, and is verifying if the content is really published.
  • Publication Deleted:
    Publication Verifier finds that the content submitted is deleted.
  • Publication Verified:
    Content's publication is verified by Publication Verifier.

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