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How to use Buildlinkapp if you build links together with others in your team or under contracted?

In this case, Buildlinkapp is a collaborative tool, and it stores all the stuff (link prospects, content, login information, notes, files, etc.) that you and your team need in one place, keeps track of the link stage (New, outreaching, content awaiting moderation, etc.) of your link prospects.

  • Work collaboratively without communication cost.
  • No work overlapping thanks to "claim-first-before-doing" mechanism.
  • Reduce copy-paste to zero. Speed up your operations 500%.
  • All stuff in one place, no need to transfer/sync files between PC and laptop.
  • Bulk action to open multiple links at one click (view screenshot ).
  • Use in-page panel to avoid link and stuff mismatching (view screenshot 1, view screenshot 2 ).
  • Work activity logs and easy-to-make appraisal.
Steps to follow:
  1. Register a user account.
  2. Add a campaign.
  3. Install our browser extension.
  4. Create a task, and invite your teammates to the campaign (view screenshot).
  5. Your teammate accepts the task, starts work as the role you chose at the task creating step.
  6. You and your team can work as different roles (A detailed role definition can be found at our Role Division Section). Not all roles need someone to undertake separately. The more coworkers you have in your team, the more flexibility you have to assign roles.
    For example, if you team has three coworkers (You, Tom and Marry) totally, you can work as Admin (mainly to administer the campaign and do quality assurance job for link prospects and content), and have Tom work as Link Prospector and Marry as Content Writer and Content Submitter.
  7. For a Link Prospector, when a Link Prospect is found, he can click on icon on browser (view screenshot), and then click button “Create Link Prospect” on the In-page Panel to add the Link Prospect (view screenshot).
  8. After a link prospect is added, it will be approved by worker with link-prospect-approving privilege (checkout more at our Role Privilage Section).
  9. Content Submitter obtains permission to publish content on link prospect page, e.g. for a forum, register an account for later content posting; for other media, make sure she is eligible to publish article.
  10. Content Writer can click on the “Content” link of a link prospect to add article.
  11. Your team can also add Login Information and Notes (memo) to a link prospect.
  12. When the content is done, it will be approved by worker with content-approving privilege (checkout more at our Role Privilage Section).
  13. Content Submitter should submit it to the link prospect page, and then switch the link stage of the link prospect (to “published”, “under moderation”, etc.) accordingly. She also makes necessary follow up if there is content under moderation (she need to check if the destination webpage’s webmaster finally approves the content’s publication).
  • Buildlinkapp supports many bulk actions like: open link prospect in bulk, update link stage in bulk etc.
  • Buildlinkapp has a mechanism called “mini-job claiming”. This mechanism can guarantee no more than one co-worker will work on a same task. For example, when a link prospect is under link stage “Approved LPs”, and in your team, there are two Content Submitters. They could both work on the outreaching job for the same link prospect. That’s not what you want to see. Buildlinkapp solves the problem in a simple way: A must claim the outreaching job by changing the link stage to “Reaching out”) first. Only after successfully changing the link stage can he proceed the real outreaching.

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