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How to use Buildlinkapp if you build links on your own?

You can use Buildlinkapp as a tool for storing all the stuff (link prospects, content, login information, notes, files, etc.) you need in one place, and keeping track of the link stage (New, outreaching, content awaiting moderation, etc.) of your link prospects.

  • Reduce copy-paste to zero. Speed up your operations 500%.
  • All stuff in one place, no need to transfer/sync files between PC and laptop.
  • Bulk action to open multiple links at one click (view screenshot ).
  • Use in-page panel to avoid link and stuff mismatching (view screenshot ).
Steps to follow:
  1. Register a user account.
  2. Add a campaign.
  3. Install the browser extension.
  4. Start navigating the Internet. When a Link Prospect is found, click on icon on your browser (view screenshot), and then click button “Create Link Prospect” on the In-page Panel to add the Link Prospect (view screenshot).
  5. Make sure you can get the permission to publish the content on the link prospect page. E.g. for a forum, make sure you can successfully register an account; for other media, you’re eligible for publishing article.
  6. You may click on the “Content” link of a link prospect to add article to that link prospect.
  7. You can also add Login Information and Notes (memo) to a link prospect.
  8. When your content is saved, submit it, switch the link stage of the link prospect (to “published”, “under moderation”, etc.) accordingly.
  9. Make necessary follow up if there is content under moderation (You need to check if the destination webpage’s webmaster finally approves your content’s publication).
  • Buildlinkapp supports many bulk actions like: open link prospect in bulk, update link stage in bulk , etc. (view screenshot).

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